Quan Zhi Gao Shou | Season 2 Confirmed | Latest Update

Wow.. this anime got a hit and it is now ranked #365 on MAL.. Many of us have enjoyed this anime right ? Some of us have got inspired playing MMORPG games watching this.. lol..


So to the details.. the following was translated from a post on Chinese site stated about the Second season of the anime….


“No accident,” full – time master “next year there will be a second season.

“” Full – time master “,” fighting the sky “,” full – time Master “,” select the mind “these anime, are more than five years of the project.

Tomorrow, friends hot pursuit of “full-time master” animation will be the end of the first quarter. Yesterday, reading group vice president Luo Li in Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia forum to say, no doubt to fans to eat a reassurance.

“Full-time master” hit, so many people will be brought to the eyes of the “rise of the country” on this topic. Some people even think that 2017 will be the turning point of the country. In this situation, this theme is “animation IP development and production” is quite an occasion.

“Full-time master” live version


September shooting..

The reading group is a joint venture between Tencent Literature and Grand Literature in 2015.

In the IP copyright community, it wants to sing a “invincible is how lonely”, other people may really can not refute. It can be said that 90% of the market now popular IP, are from reading.

This year, reading the text of its animation IP development and adaptation has become a meat and potatoes. Has been the end of the “break the sky” in the first quarter of the film and the surrounding video broadcast volume exceeded 1 billion; and “full-time master” 8 sets of broadcast more than 400 million times.

Butterfly blue to write this online game competitive novel “full-time master”, a comic version, animated version, and the latest news is the live version will be shot in September, Yang Yang starred in Ye Xiu.



Although the plague before the storm, can be animated version of the watercress score is still stable at 8.3 points, fans break the “sub-wall”, from the line to catch the line. Many people do not understand this story before the game because of the animated version, back to chase the original novel.

June 16, the animated version of the first quarter is about to close. But before the outgoing production side as the United States and the copyright side of the text read open tear, it is possible to withdraw from the news of the second quarter, but also let fans fans fried pot. More people mind seven or eight, less of the industry as big as the United States, the quality of the animation can guarantee it?

In this regard, the money reporter specifically asked Luo Li. He said that reading will find the best partner, the “full-time master” has been doing, “animation production cycle is very long, for now, a year 12 set of production process, may be relatively more in line with the market.” Once the Chinese animation market can be up, we certainly will not meet the 12 episodes a year.


It’s not hard to find money

Difficult is devote themselves to creation

Reading has been out of a fiction with fans, and then develop animation, film and television drama, games and peripheral products, the depth of the development of IP road.

However, Luo Li also said that at present, the Chinese animation market is relatively small, has not been opened, the corresponding capacity is also a serious shortage.

Interestingly, yesterday to participate in this forum there is a British cartoon producer and free animation media consultant Joan Lofts. You may not have heard her name, but you must have seen her around the production of hot animated film “Pig Pecs” (or translated as “pink pig girl”).


For the development of animation IP, China and foreign have a common trouble, there are different situations. Joan Lofts said, “Pig Pei Qi” from the start to the fire, the main insistence for 13 years, “in the UK, looking for investment is the most difficult, but if this is your dream, we must always insist on insisting , Do not be intimidated by someone else’s refusal. ”

And Luo Li believes that the current Chinese market point of view, but not the most difficult to find the money, the more difficult is to adhere to the beginning, “the money is easy, the corresponding, the money will ask you to return as soon as possible. , It is difficult to use a long time to devote themselves to creation, it is hard to say.

At present, China’s film and television market, hot money, but also impetuous, “fast forward” is a feature. Finally warming up the “country” boom, can not forget the original heart, in the whirlpool of capital standing firm, is a whole industry proposition.

But for the fans fans, a large number of secondary works will be on the line, is the immediate pleasure.


Source : http://hznews.hangzhou.com.cn/wenti/content/2017-06/15/content_6578810.htm

So probably the anime will be aired by next year :p..


That’s it…

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I know i haven’t been up-to-date with my posts.. It’s just i am busy for a couple of years that i wont be having time to post anything regularly. But don’t worry i will post stuff once in a while.. but not always.. 🙂



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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the update on this awesome anime, really appreciate it!! I did notice that this was put through Google translate, and well as such slightly wonky. I’m somewhat proficient in Mandarin, and if you’d like a proper translation, I’d be happy to oblige!


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