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Well, its been a while since I have made a post.. The reason i kinda left all of a sudden was I had my O/L’s coming up and I couldn’t manage the blog plus study at the same time… And after it was over, had some work (when i say small work i mean very large suck-ups which includes extra studying too) to do…

Well now that i am free i came up with the idea of starting the blog once again. It’ll be fun..So Yea here i am ūüôā



Well lets get right to it…


So yea, recently a movie named “Ghost in the Shell” has given some attention by a-lot of otaku’s.. Let’s just find out what kinda hype is roaring around these days ?…

Well yea that’s the overall perspective of this blog post.. Wanna know about it ? Just keep Scrolling and Read.. :p


Let’s Begin…

For those who do not know what type of anime is it, here is a review of the it..


This is the kind of stuff that university essay could be written about. I’m going to have to watch this again just to completely understand everything about this movie. Now, just so you understand, the storyline isn’t amazing. But the science and the mythology this anime is based on is so incredible. I believe, according to a few sources, that if you took all the footnotes in the manga they total to over 30 pages. Or was it 200? The point is that the science that’s used in this movie is absolutely amazing.



The art is old. The art is…Akira old. It’s very old, but the details that are in it are incredibly amazing. The art is old but it doesn’t seem stale. It’s that good kind of old….classic. They used some really cool effects in here…especially when some people turned invisible. Oh..major plot hole if anyone notices…there’s a guy who turns invisible…with all of his clothes on. Whereas the girl….needs to strip naked…which she does QUITE often. The nudity in this is tastefully done…it’s not like Elfen Lied (no offense) where Nyu shows her boobs every couple of scenes.





There is major character development for two characters. Batou and the Major. No one else really gets developed too much. Sometimes they’d show you a character who did one thing and then you’d never see them again ever. I’m not complaining too much, it never bugged me at all. But you do get a real sense of humanity from these characters…that’s a funny thing to say though, if you watch the anime you’ll figure out why.



I guarantee that almost anyone who enjoys anime will also enjoy this. Anyone who liked the Matrix will enjoy this. It’s an incredibly amazing anime, it’s deep, it’s slightly frightening. The single thing that this anime does not have is comic relief…never once did I laugh. Never once did I actually want to laugh. This movie is so serious that if any attempt was made at making it slightly funny the attempt would surely fail.


Now moving onto the movie based on the anime… ¬†

The JP trailer –

The Paramount Pictures Trailers…¬†

Johansson plays the Major, a cyborg who leads a futuristic anti-terrorist taskforce known as Section 9. The movie also features Game of Thrones‘ Pilou Asb√¶k, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, and Michael Pitt.

In Japan, the Ghost in the Shell franchise comprises a variety of movies, series, and comic books. Earlier this month the film’s producer Avi Arad revealed that the villain would be Kuze, played by Pitt and glimpsed briefly in this new trailer. Kuze appeared in the series Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, as opposed to Puppet Master from the first anime movie, which was released in 1995.

“We’re not doing Puppet Master. It’s not Laughing Man. It involves Kuze,” he told Collider. “The big thing we are doing here is that we’re not necessarily doing an origins backstory, but we are addressing [the Major]’s sense of self and resolving how she defines herself in terms of memories. That’s one of the main thrusts in the story. Inspired by [the episode] “Affection” in 2nd Gig. It’s bits and pieces of those mixed together.


Arad went on to explain that fans would nevertheless notice elements from other Ghost in the Shell releases in the film. “You’ll recognize some things from Ghost in the Shell: Innocence like the geisha bot,” he said. “Everything we pulled from the movie is because we thought it was cool. There’s a whole thermoptic sequence with the garbageman. We did that because we thought it was really cool.”

At last weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con,¬†Kodansha Comics announced a new anthology project in the vein of the¬†Attack on Titan Anthology. The international collaboration between¬†The Ghost in the Shell¬†creator Shirow Masamune and Western comics creators will be available as a single volume, hardcover, full-color edition¬†Spring 2018.


Speaking with Bleeding Cool,¬†Ben Applegate, Associate Director of Publishing Services for Penguin: ‚ÄúThe concept behind that book was American comics artists take on a Japanese property. Well, we‚Äôre doing it again! This time, with Ghost in the Shell.‚ÄĚ

Additionally, high-end collectibles maker Mondo and Kodansha Comics will present The Ghost in the Shell exclusive poster, illustrated by noted comic artist Becky Cloonan. 250 standard and 125 variant editions of these posters will be available on March 14, starting at the free Ghost in the Shell screening event of the original animated classic in Austin, TX and on mondotees.com.

Here’s the proper version on YouTube…

But according to Critics they appreciate the original one rather than the remix. 

Here’s another clip where Tested offered a look at¬†How Weta Workshop Made Ghost In The Shell’s Thermoptic Suit…

the Summary for this Movie…

The world’s strongest investigator, Major Scarlet (Johannson), who is the whole body other than the brain, hacks the brain, along with the members of the elite Investigative Organization / Public Safety Division 9, such as Boss’s Aramaki (Beat Takeshi) and Batou (Pilu Asbeck) This work which will cast into the battle shaking the world with the threat cyber terrorist.


While proceeding with the investigation, his memory is being manipulated, the major who notices that his life was not saved but was robbed. Who is the real person? What is it with the hidden stunning past? Could it be possible for Major to trace the criminal and protect the world? It is! Neon Shining like the body of Major who jumped into the city shines with the landscape with optical camouflage, Togusa’s appearance, Bateau from which the eyes were removed, Aramaki’s superb expression as Major’s Aramaki full of notable scenes.

Nevertheless, with the gradual glimpse of the entire story of this work, which had been wrapped up in veil so far, although expectation to the original version is felt, expectation is raised that makes this work unique foreground of the world view and story development anticipated It is finished in video.


Director Rupert Sanders said about the story of this work, it will surely be emotional, of course there are lots of actions as well as drawing a crazy and extreme near future, but the human brain A hero who is an embedded android is a journey trying to find out who he is, while keeping the view of the world of cyber punk, he painted the inside of the hero.

“In real life, I also stuck color, manga, making animation real live is tricky and there is a difficult part, but there is strength in the original work very much, casting, location, designing from scratch from the beginning I am going to finish it in a world view with no sense of incompatibility. “I will reveal that commitment and look into my confidence in my work.

It is this work which will be released to the public on March 31 at the longest, but before pub – lishing, the world premiere starts with Japan as a leader, accompanying it, Scarlet ¬∑ Johansson, Pil – ¬∑ Asbeck, Juliet ¬∑ Binoche, Rupert ¬∑ Saunders This work that calls a big topic announced that the director’s visit to Japan has been decided. Please pay attention to all the world’s long-awaited sci-fi action action super masterpiece whose full appearance wrapped in veil is clear.

from http://movie-news.jp/gits/


So that’s it guys for this blog post..¬†

Hope you liked it…

Mention down in the comments about how you feel about this…

And I’ll see you in my next post..

Peace Out ūüôā



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