Ajin | Season 2 | ***king COOL !

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Before we continue, I have something to tell !
Well, two (http://bit.ly/2cuVi8a & http://bit.ly/2doRkTO) of my recent posts is been an exact copy review from MAL. Sorry for doing that. I promise that will not happen again !

Ajin (TV) 2nd Season , also known as the Ajin: 2nd Season Half Human , is the second season of the anime Ajin aired during the first semester of 2016.

The events in this second season follow those of episode 13 of the first season. Indeed, Ajin (TV) 2nd Season focuses mainly on the adventures of Kei and Ko , both now actively sought by Japanese police. Hunted like wild beasts, our two heroes now have no choice but to stop the Ajin Sato to prove their innocence in the eyes of all, and incidentally, win back the trust of the Japanese people.


Following the attack the Ajin Sato and his cronies on the seat of the pharmaceutical company Grant , the Ajins living on Japanese soil are now considered a first order threat by the Japanese government. Kei , who lived peacefully in the mountains, was spotted and denounced by a villager.

Our hero decides to take her to his heels, but Tosaki Yu and the Brigade Anti-Ajin are already looking for him. So our hero has no choice but to ally to escape the forces of the Japanese order.


Flee or face Sato ? Kei and seem to have made their choice and there is no question of let a moment’s respite to the enemy!the two young Ajins did indeed intend to orchestrate punitive vendetta against Sato and his henchmen. For its part, Sato is strongly committed to eliminating all personalities involved in the trafficking of Ajin .


The dice are rolled and the infernal marathon is about to begin …

Who Sato or Kei triumph?



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