NEET-er Anime Ever !!! | Kamisama no Memochou

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Well, in my last post i recommended another anime as a NEET anime, but this anime, which i am gonna review now is a better NEET anime than ever !


Kamisama no Memochou is more than just a detective anime featuring not-really-NEETs and a loli mastermind. It’s an anime that really takes the time and effort to create a realistic yet fantastic world and populate it with some of the most endearing characters in all of anime.

The plots of each mystery is engrossing and exciting; the characters are not at all static, growing and changing as the anime moves forward.

When it comes to good detective anime’s, this is about as close to perfection as you’ll get.

The story of KamiMemo is both cliche as well as original. The first episode starts off pretty predictably: ordinary high school boy accidentally encounters strange people/event, gets curious and ends up being involved in some way shape or form. Don’t let this banal opening discourage you! The rest of the anime picks up the slack and really shows off the depth of this series. The Angel Fix case is truly a climax and arguably one of the most well-done story arcs in anime history.


Even the filler episode is done with a planned beginning, middle, and end, as well as a key plot element that both initiates and resolves the conflict. If that’s not good writing, then I don’t know what is.

The anime demonstrates an exceptional grasp of the concept “detective anime”. “Detective” implies that the plot must contain a great deal of mystery, of assumption and deduction that should engage the audience, while “anime” means that this is, above all else, a show meant to entertain and impart something valuable to us viewers.

KamiMemo balances between these two aspects by focusing more on the “how” of the mystery rather than the who, what, when, or where. While the actual truth may not be all that surprising, the process and methods that Alice and her gang employ to uncover the truth gives the anime the atmosphere of being “on the case”, which makes the anime that much more enjoyable.


KamiMemo doesn’t have the best art I’ve seen, but then again I’m probably being spoiled by Oreimo. The art is very similar in style to TMoSH, which further deepens the similarity between the two anime (explanation in Characters section). Good artwork all around, no derpy, awkward angles, and characters are portrayed both distinctly and realistically. Emotions are very easy to read, and mood is well-portrayed through the colors.

I originally found this anime because Kakenukeru Anison Medley I ended with an extremely long excerpt of Kawaru Mirai. Which happens to be an amazing OP; Choucho sings some of the best OPs out there, along with Kawada and Lia. The rest of the OST is filled with solid music overall. Notable mentions include Teddy, the haunting song played whenever Alice explains the harsh truth.


I don’t understand what the emphasis on NEETs where – Alice makes tons of cash from taking her cases. NEET detective is quite the awkward irony. Besides that point, the characters in KamiMemo are very well done – they immediately and easily reach beyond their given roles in the story.

For example, Ayaka is supposed to be just a school-friend, but ultimately becomes such an integral part of the NEET squad that her tragic fall in the final arc really makes an impact on both the viewers and the characters.

One of the unique points of the anime is that the protagonist, Narumi, is given the Kyon effect. The Kyon effect is given to a high school boy, either in their first or second year, who is perfectly normal yet manages to attract around him an array of weird and bizarre characters, many of whom are quite gifted or have surreal abilities.

Through these people around him, the Kyon-effected boy is given a chance to break out of his normalcy and become something more than what he was before by the merits of his character and the power of his will.


While it may sound overused (and it only does because Haruhi is ridiculously overreaching), the Kyon effect is in fact not commonly used because of its delicate nature and the mixed reactions that the community usually gives in return. Narumi plays the role perfectly, becoming a hero in his own right through the course of the anime.

Instead of a pathetic character who only knows how to voice snark comments and play the tsukkomi, Narumi pushes himself to his own limits and does everything in his power to protect those he truly cares for.

KamiMemo does some seriously incredible things with its characters. I won’t even begin to mention just how perfectly amazing Alice is as a beautiful balance between a tsundere 12 year old and a calculated professional detective.


KamiMemo was one of those “love at first episode” anime’s for me. It immediately gained a spot on my Top-10 anime list, and Alice became my 5th favorite character in all of anime. I was honestly impressed by the dynamic nature of basically every character. Even Alice grows and matures through the course of the anime, though remaining true to her detective creed and ideals.

Watching the anime was simply a blast.


The first season of KamiMemo covers volumes 1-4 of the light novel series. With 4 more volumes still untouched, I sincerely hope that somewhere on Heaven’s Memo Pad is an entry for a season 2.


That’s it…

Hope you liked today’s post !

As always, Stay Awesome, Keep Smiling

Adios !!!


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