Servamp | Heard of it?

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Vampires vs Humans ? Heard of an anime of this kind? 


As someone who is greatly interested in supernatural/master and servant elements in anime’s, I was pretty excited to try this out. I started the manga too but never got too far before I decided to watch the series first because of lack of available chapters. I was definitely interested at first and it seemed like a great plot would soon unravel, yet most things left me feeling pretty conflicted.




Our main character, Mahiru, suffers from protagonist-wanting-to-save-everyone-yet-being-completely-lost-about-what’s-going-on-ism. With this in mind, you learn something new about servamps, servant vampires, every episode. The overall story makes sense so far, with little things being revealed that contribute to the overall plot.

There’s also some comic relief that goes along pretty well as a transition. There’s nothing really negative to say about it itself as it’s still going on, but it’s not really anything too amazing either.



The art is something I look forward to in watching this. It’s not that it’s a spectacular beauty or something, but it just suits the story well and looks really nice with the characters. Same goes for the character designs. The fight scenes look well animated as well, and even if there’s a lot going on it still gives off a nice feel, that has to be one of my favorite parts of this.



The sound effects are pretty good and the background music is as well. The opening song suits the plot well but the ending song gives off a completely different feel, which is frankly a bit confusing. The background music has a tenancy to became over-the-top sometimes though.

There were scenes that could have been executed as a simple conversation, yet they ended up becoming dramatic scenes with music meant for parts of the plot that would tug at one’s heartstrings. Since this was used where it shouldn’t have, it made those moments feel like a joke where the protagonist is just another cliche kid who believes friendship overpowers everything.


The parts where it’s not overused, however, are pretty good. 


The characters are to me the most conflicting part of this review. The thing about them is that they all have some complex background and that part is appreciable, but they all also have something that makes them too unique, which gets annoying. There’s the one character that’s way too lazy, the one who wants to protect everyone, the one who thinks he’s better than everyone else, the one who talks to toys, the one who just wants to be noticed, etc.

This is pretty vague, but it gets pretty pretty annoying. It makes you feel like there’s no normal person in this universe, but then the whole main character’s “thing” is his normality. It leaves a bit of a confusing impression because they all live by their one “quirk” and they seem a bit obsessive over it. This also makes them seem like jokes who mean nothing to us, which causes us to stop caring about the main character.


Eventually, they have a deeper meaning than what we’ve seen, but I’m also conflicted on that. I wish they brought that in sooner, but if they did it wouldn’t have had as much of an impact. Finally the character designs, despite belonging to obsessive characters, suit them well.


The show so far is okay, but in the beginning it stopped feeling like a show with dark themes and action, but more of a drama. Tears were flying, fan-girls were crying, I think I saw a few sparkles.. But it does start to feel like the whole plot is being changed and like it’s a different story.

From intense to funny to extremely random, it’s not too consistent sometimes, but the transitions for this are okay.. My only problem is that this makes you lose the feelings of intensity and it brings you into an anime that’s mostly about friendship and is tied together with intense themes.


At one point, I was ready to drop it because of this, but after nine or so episodes it did get better and finally showed new sides to all the characters. If you can wait that long than you might like this. 

That’s it 

Hope you enjoyed it !

See you in my next post…

As always, Stay awesome, Keep Smiling…



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