Hmm…. is World Trigger a good watch?

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You thought that the Review series are gonna end right? Well, its not gonna end ! I was sorta busy but anyways, I wanted to review this anime more than anything ;


There are a lot of controversial discussions regarding ‘World Trigger’ out there but don’t let them fool you. This is probably one of the most underrated shows out there that deserves a bit more recognition.
Personally, I enjoyed every aspect of this anime so far from the plot, characters and silly faces with a slight comedy there and then.


So Without any further-ado let’s get it ON !!!


The plot starts by introducing a four year background story of the city of Mikudo being attacked and serverly destroyed by these creatures called ‘Neighbors’ who have burst from another universe through a dimensional gate. While the city is in catastrophe, a mysterious earth organisation called the ‘Border’ fends off these creatures using weapons called ‘Triggers’.The after event of this is where the actual anime begins, which leads to major consequences to how earth retaliate against it. (this is how far i’ll go without introducing any more spoilers)…


At first it is a lot to take in regards to who these creatures are? why did they attack? What causes the gate to open? and exactly what is Trigger? However, the pace of the anime will slowly take you through every small little detail that happens in each episode at the end and each cliffhanger will leave you hooked!


The animation is produced by Toei, it is quite standard and the quality of it seems pretty average while not repeling ones eye. The characters design overall are drawn pretty well IMO, though nothing that majorly special. They do look slightly bland with a few colour shadings and at times there are some slight out of proportions scenes you can see if you closely examine it, otherwise theres isn’t much impact that ruins it. The creatures are somewhat not ‘extraordinary’ and not gruesome as you think they are, although it is understandable through the story.

They use a variety of 3D blueprints layout to show you the setting which is pretty useful at times to understand the perspective. Besides, as you watch on the go, you adapt to it and will not notice it. It seems that the quality of this improves as show goes on.



Those who are familiar with Yuki Kaji seiyuu (Eren Jaeger, Haruyuki, Melodias) would immediately recognise him as one of the main protagnist. Though, the other protagnists do fit their character and the sound effects they use (such as ‘Hmm’) can be noticed as a signature element of their personality.

They use a variety of other casts which does fit the characters well but some of the familiar ones are only used as a supporting role. (Kana Hanazawa, Fukuyama Jun etc)
The opening used is pretty catchy and matches the theme of the anime but occasionally it randomly pops up during the mid episodes (around episode 10 onwards) which can cause it to mistakenly be the ending instead. Sadly, there is no ED theme due to the time restraint to show everything in the anime which isn’t much of a problem as it provides more screen time for viewers.


There aren’t any particular OST that grabs my attention, yet it does utilises it well during various scenes.


The main character (Mikumo, Osamu) is not your typical Goku, Natsu, Luffy or Naruto, he’s the exact opposite and has his own way of dealing with battles. This keeps the characters fresh instead of knowing they’ll obliterate everything that stands in their way.
Without spoiling, the other protagnists develop slowly and does balance out everything.

There is A LOT of supporting characters which makes it hard to remember who their names are and sometimes you feel like they re-used him/her design and just changed their name. But dont fret, they will ALWAYS (as of EP27) show you their (NAME, RANK, SQUAD, TYPE) in every scene similar to those who watched Shirobako so you dont forget.




When I first started watching this, i thought the pacing was slow and didn’t understand anything but now i appreciate it a lot more since it slowly gives you understanding on characters and weapons they use through the show. They dont skip out the details on things and make sure there isn’t any unanswer aspects apart from the story. They will repeatedly show you the historical background of events of last week to remind you, which is useful.

The feeling I got from this was similar to ‘Bleach’ the ranking system, how powerful the squads are and the different abilities they use.



This score can change overtime depending on how the anime progresses.
Otherwise, so far it is worth watching, and for those who don’t give it a try – well i’d say you’re missing out.

+Good story
+Smooth Pace
+Catchy sounds
+Any questions regarding the EP will be answered every time at the end
+Good characters (=3=)

– Way too many characters to remember
– Random OP pop up during the episode
– Some slight bland design, which may not appeal to viewers.
– Animation can look lazy at times.




That is it !

Hope you liked it !!!

As always, Stay Awesome, Keep Smiling…

See you guys in my next post !

Adios !


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