OMFG! Kakashi’s Giant Susanoo with Kamui – Kaguya’s Defeat | Naruto Shippuden | Episode 473

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This is was an amazing episode, from an execution stand point. The studio really did a great job with the pacing.




We are finally heading over to the Naruto x Sasuke fight. We got the defeat of Kaguya Otsuski. We got to see Obito’s final moments. We got to see Obito in the future and some of his flashbacks. But most importantly he is done. He isn’t on this world; he is in the spirit world, probably with Rin. I am kinda happy that this Character – Obito – left the scene, by giving Kakashi his gift.

Giving Kakashi his power, resulted in the death of Kaguya Otsutski. Well, I thought Naruto and Sasuke was enough to defeat Kaguya. But I thought wrong. Kakashi was the main idol in this battle. Kakashi’s Susanoo was the key to her defeat in this week’s episode. As she turned into this Black Matter shit and eventually this opening gave Naruto and Sasuke, the opportunity to strike, because Kakashi saved them a multiple of times, where they would have died, either by Black Zetsu or by the Ash Killing bones.

And he still found a way to shoot one of those bones using Kaguya’s arm to send one through the portal as Naruto was trying to seal her up. Naruto and Sasuke would have died if it hadn’t been for Kakashi for covering them from behind. He just literally backed up their asses. He was the one ensuring to Kaguya’s defeat.



And yet again, he even saved Sakura. Sakura would have died; Kaguya was just imploding everywhere. Nobody was helping Sakura and YES! Sasuke was ready to do it.

Do you really think he would have done that shit in time ?

Nope he would not have done it. It’s because he thinks Sakura is a nuisance. So people would say that he would have saved her and yeah, his intentions were there, as you guys can see in that scene. But guess who ended up saving her?

It was Kakashi grabbing Sakura with that Susanoo and again Sakura was an asset in her sealing. YES ! Naruto and Sasuke was pouncing on her with the Rasengan and the Chidori side by side and Kaguya had no where else to go other than fleeing up, but she couldn’t fly up because of Sakura showing a ‘Chan’ style punch. So that’s what makes Naruto & Sasuke a perfect opportunity to beat the crap out of Kaguya. That is what makes this episode so fucking awesome.

And while this was the most contro-versial moment, you have to thank Obito for giving Kakashi these powers. Not only we have an awesome looking Susanoo, but that shit was light blue; it even had a scar, it had a katana; he was using these Kamui shurikans. It was really the Kamui power combined with Shurikan blades. How fucking cool is that?

He won’t be having these abilities for long, keep in mind? They are short-lived but that’s what makes them more special, because you have these Shurikan blades and they are infused with Kamui. As it made contact with Kaguya, its like this inward implosion. All of the materials being sent to another dimension, so it looks like she is exploding invisibly. It’s so freaking cool.

Ad you know again, as a continuation of Obito’s gift, that Kamui was not only infused into that Shurikan, but it was also infused into Kakashi’s attacks, into his very being, which is why he avoided that ash killing bone. It literally went through him, using this negative lightning cutter – that’s basically Chidori infused with Kamui.

And here is the thing, people’s reaction are very mixed to whatever happened in the manga. That’s why i say that this episode executed very quaintly. Because they got into these controversial moments very quickly – Obito actually giving Kakashi that gift and telling him that he is gonna be the next Hokage.


Say What ?! – How the fuck does he know that Kakashi is gonna be the next Hokage? 

When Kakashi had this two Mangeko Sharingans in this big Susanoo, people were like how the fuck is he weilding it? – Bitch pls, he isn’t even a Uchiha? How does he have the power to that? His chakra must be completely over by now? So how the fuck is he still standing? Even if he is getting these powers from Obito, how the heck is he even maintaining it? And also since Obito is fucking dead, how the fuck did he give Kakashi an extra Sharingan eye? I mean how is it connected? Obv, using Chakra but how?

There are two ways in which you can approach this situation. You can understand that this is Shonen and in Shonen, MC’s (Main Character’s) usually don’t die, and when they do die, that is not actually perma.

So you know what? It’s better if we just try to forget it. I mean just come on, there wasn’t an argument on the scene of this Manga Chapter. Nobody argued at anything.

In this week’s episode, the animation was kinda flee. Some of the fight scenes was just gorgeous. Seeing Naruto just pulling off all those Rasengan’s with the Chakra of all the Ten Tails was just an spectacular thing to see and that ultimately led her to her defeat. This week’s episode was just amazing.


If you don’t like it, just don’t watch the anime; Read the manga and finish it off.

That’s it…

Let me know of what you guys think of this week’s episode.

  1. Did you like when Kaguya was turned into fireworks?
  2. Did you like when Kakashi unleashed the Susanoo. 

Hope you liked today’s post !

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