Ash loses in the Kalos Pokemon League, AGAIN ?!!! – WTF !

So lot of people wanted me to talk about Pokemon XYZ episode 38, I dunno why? , cause I stopped watching the Pokemon Anime, since 2009 :|.

Well, I loved the anime when i was a kid, but in this present era of awesomeness, Pokemon doesn’t pack all the joy we need – Sorry for going off topic ! . Who the ***k watches Pokemon still? I mean we are in a new era, and who wants to see stuff pop out of their balls… – WEIRD :\


But anyways, I was very curious and asked to myself why did people want me to watch this week’s episode? And then I basically understood, Ash is in the Championships again, he is in the Kalos Region Championships.

Ash faced off against Alain for the Kalos League Championship. Since Ash has been doing so well this season and since he’s become somewhat of a cooler character, victory seemed possible.

At this point, I think the only time Ash will ever win an official Pokémon League is when the anime is finally going off the air. (Sometime before that or soon after, he’ll probably find his father, too.)

With the way generation after generation of children fall in love with Pokémon, the chances of it going off the air seem even more slim than the odds of Ash winning a League. I don’t see either happening anytime soon.

Here is a video, which is kinda true; 

That’s it for this post !

Thank you for reading….

Stay Awesome, Keep Smiling…



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