Shokugeki No Souma – Chapter 179 ! – Hayama is One of the Central’s Elite Ten !!! ( HOLY SHIT !!! )

So today we are gonna talk about this week’s awesome Manga Chapter which is Chapter No.179…

The disappearance of Hayama in the ongoing story of “Food Wars” left some fans speculating the character may have again joined Central, in his pursuit to become the number one chef, which he did. The reason pointed out is related to Jun, the girl closest to his heart. It is said that although he would never bend over for something without a fight, he would actually do it because of Jun.

Holy Cow…

Did Hayama Akira just join Central, by leaving Jun just like that. It’s like Hayama is from another world. It’s like we have met another Hayama. And to see that he does not care about Jun anymore is just selfish. I never knew Hayama would act in this way. I pretty sure someone just gave him a good brain fuck.

The only thing I don’t understand is that why the fuck did he turn his back on Jun. Well, pretty much, she is the one who found and took care of him right? He could at-least show some sympathy on her…

Maybe Central just took hostage of Jun and demanded him to join their side. And he just had no choice and switched sides just in case to save Shiomi.


Maybe he just wanted to fuck up Yukihira so much. Maybe he wasn’t so satisfied in beating Soma in the Prelims, so he just decided to join Central in order to learn more cooking to fuck up Yukihira so much…

That might be the case, but we still do not know why he switched sides. Well he wasn’t part of the Rebel team from the beginning, but I thought he was one of them. But either ways he changing sides is seriously not good !👊


Maybe someone on the Elite Ten hypnotized Hayama. Probably the First Seat must be the culprit of this whole scheme.👎

And the fucking amazing thing is that he achieved the 9th place in the Elite Ten. No way is Soma losing a 3rd time to Hayama, especially now that he’s gone dark, quite a predictable outcome but let’s see how it’s handled, predictable isn’t always bad, and Soma already beat a 9th seat. Quite rude of Hayama to abandon the person who saved him from poverty.

What happened to Eizan? seems like Hayama took his seat, did he move up or got out?

I don’t know how the other rebels will fare against the ELITE 10, it would make no sense that they defeat the ELITE 10 too.

So I know what you guys are thinking?

Soma needs to fuck this guy’s hard ass brain into shreds and make him come to his senses. 👌

Honestly I never really liked Hayama, ever, so I don’t really mind him becoming an enemy. Easily my least favorite male character, excluding the co-medically evil guys I guess. Coincidentally enough Rindou’s with him, my least favorite female character. It’ll be fun to watch Soma whup his ass!




Anyways guys, this chapter has been an epic one… 👍

And probably in the next chapter we will get to know why he joined Central…


Peace ✌


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