One Piece (Manga – Chapter 835) | Big Mom Can Kill Luffy !!! – WTF?

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Well, look at this topic? Big Mom can kill Luffy? – What the heck?

Let’s find out!

So Big Mom’s former husband leaked out, Big Mom’s very ability; she has the Saru-Saru-Nomi Fruit. She can pretty much give life to things, by interacting with souls and manipulating souls and she can even take life-span away from something and give it to something else. It’s literally insane…


And you start to understand why One Piece is only 65% over, because this is gonna be a “Thriller Bark” repeat. This is gonna be a pretty long arc, but honestly if Moria was one those very slow villains, Big Mom is gonna be a very very slow villain, and her ability speaks for themselves…

I mean, she killed one of her very own in the capital extracting like 40 years or so. We already know that Luffy’s life is shortened down, but imagine she uses something like that on the Straw Hats. That could be devastating. We could indeed see a death in this very arc. Now, I don’t think, it’s gonna be permanent, I believe there’s a way to undo it; it would not make any sense, if you could not undo that crap.

Not only this, is a paramecia, that would be super over-powered for a paramecy. Even thought, time and time, in this series, we are finding Paramecia abilities can be unique on their own way, and make up for the rarity, cause we know paramecia is lower down to the barrel compared to Logia and Zoan, but not really cause in the end of the day, it really depends on the Paramecia Ability you have !



But, we aren’t gonna toss out the characters, and make them kill all of the main characters, with these abilities, and i believe that Big Mom is one of the most rational and compassionate Yanko, and i know its hard to say that, but she actually did not go berserk when the Straw Hats, entered her island. If Kidou, found out that the Straw Hats infiltrated one of his places, he would probably go berserk and he would have done everything in his power to exterminate them…..

And GOSH, that “big giant jelly-bean”, one of big mom’s former husband? Now she has many, many children, across the board. She only had two children with the “bean”, with this guy. But it makes sense, why this guy was one of her former lovers, cause they are both literally ugly as shit. 


You know what?

I wouldn’t have expected to meet a character this important, early on, and the connections were insane as well, cause not only we will find out about, Big Mom’s devil fruit and her ability, which is big information. But we also find out that the two children of Big Mom is Lola and Shython. I am pretty sure, you know who Lola is and also to find out that these two hideous creatures produced something as beautiful as Lola. Now, Lola was introduced to us in Thriller Bark, and we don’t know why, she left? Maybe, she just hated her Mom for taking people’s spirits away.

Shython is that guy’s other daughter right? So that is big cause Shython is Kapon’s wife and Kapon is a major player and he is a supernova working under Big Mom and he also made Sangi in captivity.


This chapter confused me a lot and I just had to read this a couple of times, to try to understand of what’s going on?

So these abilities captured Carrot and Brule told Chopper that Big Mom is also collecting creatures rather than races. So he said all this to threaten Chopper by saying that his ass will be in captivity. So Chopper should just beat the freaking ass of Brule to pulp. And if he does not do that, this shit will be complete trial of the DressRosa scene, where all the members of the crew will get dispersed?

So guys, this Chapter packed a lot into it…….

I hope you guys enjoyed this post…

Mention down bellow of what you think, will happen to Brule?

Peace Out 🙂


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