Good News – Naruto Shippuden is gonna END !!

I got some pretty good news, for us Naruto Shippuden fans. The anime is indeed coming to an end…

I know a lot of people are saying “its been too long, why isn’t it even ending?” !!!

Well, its gonna end this year, probably by the next month (September)….


So many of you might know that Masashi Kishimoto’s great Naruto manga came to an end by November 2014. Well, it seems that the anime, Naruto Shippuden, is revolving around the last chapters of the manga and it is probably gonna end the same way as the manga. In this week’s episode (471), we see a sad image burning up, and that’s the end of Obito Uchiha who was a former evil character, but not evil at the time of his death. This week’s episode brought us to the point of Obito’s death, which means in the following up episodes Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura) with the help of Kakashi, will probably defeat Kaguya Otsutski. And that will probably end our sorrows.

In the second week of September, we move onto the next and last phase of the Naruto Manga – the epic fight between Naruto & Sasuke. I am gonna be tearing up a lot in this episode. I just don’t want them to fight each other, but at the same time, I really want them to be fighting each other. It’s complicated, but it’s been give or take a decade since the last since the first Naruto vs Sasuke fight came in the anime….

Most of us fans, are gonna be picking sides, either you are on Team Naruto or on Team Sasuke. Even though I like Sasuke right now, I want Naruto to win, so yeah, in their fight, I am gonna be in Team Naruto. I do wanna see Naruto go Sage of Six Paths Mode, and go Tail Beast Bomb crazy on Sasuke, although Sasuke has pretty much got some tricks up his sleeve, like the Rinnegan…

All these episodes will be Canon Episodes, but there will be a mix of fillers and fights together, but I am pretty sure, the anime will end, before it comes to Episode 480, but if there are fillers, it might increase the limit of my expectations….

Here is a pic which shows this month’s plus the first, second, and third week of September’s Schedule…


On Episode 475, Sasuke will probably be like, “I wanna start a new revolution”, and everybody will be like, “what the fuck?”, “we just killed Kaguya, and now you want to fight your ass over Peace ?”

So buckle up tightly, we are in verge of the end of the anime. I am pretty sure that they will want to still continue the anime, so I am pretty sure, they will try to give us a whole lot of fillers. The reason, they would try to that, is that if they end the anime, they have no source of income and then they have to bankrupt for a couple of weeks until another Manga producer wants to turn out there manga into an anime – well, that’s how the anime industry works.

I will be cool with them giving us a lot of fillers for the anime, but that is only if its related to the fight between the Sun and Moon (Naruto & Sasuke). For example, if its especially involved about Sakura’s love haven towards Sasuke, I am gonna be pretty pissed. If there is a episode like that, some of you like it, but I will hate it…

This is gonna be crazy, but I am gonna be honest, when i say that i want the anime to end, cause the I don’t want to be re-living the past !, cause this part of my life is over…..


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