SAO – Live Action Series & VR Experience….

Welcome Back, 

So today rather than a review, i am gonna relate some news?!!

So, Sword Art Online is getting is its own Live Action Series? – What the heck?

For starters, there is a very big barrier, by taking a Japanese anime series and adapting it into a westernized feel. The reason for that, is that Hollywood just takes stupid decisions and i can list a lot of them, but i don’t want to that, cause that’s gonna take a lot of work… 🙂

American independent production company Skydance Television announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the global live-action television rights for the Sword Art Online franchise from Kadokawa.

The thing is they have to find the proper actors to do the stunts, and all the props for the series is just gonna take a lot of time and effort. From the acting perspective, can they really pull of some Sword Art Online shit? If you have the watched the anime, there is a deep philosophical stuff going on !

But there are some elements that they are gonna have to pull; for an instance, “romance”, they better not make that so cringy? For an instance, Kirito’s character, they better make it as EPIC as possible. They better not do some underdog crap.

They will probably get some Production issues, cause this company is just an independent company, this isn’t something like Lions-Gate (which is making a Naruto Movie) or Disney or FOX or HBO or some other popular film company. This is just a One-Stand Company…

I am pretty sure they will not have the budget to pull of some crazy CGI scenes in Sword Art Online. There is no actual CGI in the SAO anime, they should probably have some CGI in a Live Action Adaptation. I really hope they can pull this off? They really need to make the world beautiful, and cause of that, they should probably have some CGI in the Live Action Series?

Laeta Kalogridis (the script writer of Avatar and Terminator Genisys), is currently writing the script along with the executive producers, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Marcy Ross of Skydance Television. Laeta Kalgoridis declared that she has been inspired by the inventive and the masterful storytelling of the SAO franchise for years. Well, that sounds interesting? – Choosing an anime fan,  write the script was a good idea, cause only then they would be able to reach out to the fans of the anime SAO.

Skydance Interactive is also planning a SAO virtual reality experience after the official television series. Oh, Come On, I pretty much appreciate it if they could do this before the television series. Skydance Media CEO Ellison said that the company is planning “a full scale and wide ranging set of live action franchise extensions across our business verticals”

But anyway guys, my expectations of this whole setup very low, and I think you guys should also have your expectation as low as possible. That way, we can all be safe and if it turns out that this whole scheme actually works out we can be Pumped Up and enjoy the TV Series, cause otherwise if it does not turn out, there is gonna be a media outrage because of this. I dunno about you, but my expectation about this is very low….. !

That is it !!!

Hope you enjoyed it !!!

Let us know about what you think about SAO having a TV Series and VR experience?

As always, stay awesome, keep smiling, and I’ll catch you in my next post….

Adios !!!


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