Have you heard of the anime “Hundred”?

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Well, today we are going to talk about the super not so cool sexy, not so ecchi, anime called “Hundred”. Well this is an anime which is similar to Infinite Stratos. Mention down in the comments, if you want a review of the anime Infinite Stratos.


Well let me get right into the review of the anime……..

I don’t even feel like it’s worth my time to make an in depth review because this show doesn’t give me the reason to. I’ll just do a checklist with little descriptions after each point. Everything in the original checklist is something I wouldn’t call spoilers as they are all events that occur in episode 1. I have a spoiler section for episodes 2-4 if you think that you’ll like this show even after all I say so that I can make sure you avoid it! If you want a critical analysis, check the “Final Verdict” section of this review as the points I make in the checklist are sarcastic, but still hold value as they show how bad the show is. Without further ado (because I want to make sure I’m following all the rules), let’s get started.


Look, if you didn’t get my sarcasm, just imagine that this is the only thing that exists in this review! Ignore the “checklist” below the critical review.



The characters are unoriginal and this show follows every cliché in the book. Whenever something happens that’s related to the plot, whether it be explaining how the world works or explaining what’s happening, the information is usually info dumped onto the viewer. This shows the sheer amount of laziness this show has.

Character designs are lazy and forgettable. They look so similar to characters from other shows that I can’t tell them apart at points. I sometimes wonder if this is a bad knockoff anime to some other anime. The amount of fan-service with the character designs alone is annoying. The nurse in episode 1 is only memorable because of how big her chest is. Every cliche fan-service situation occurs in this show and the show cannot take itself seriously even though it’s trying really hard to.

Nothing in show feels new. I don’t expect everything to be new and original, but I expect some aspects of a show to be fresh. If I wanted to watch a generic harem show, I’d watch To Loveru. Everyone has been saying that it’s similar to Infinite Stratus, but I haven’t watched that to confirm this. I do know that this show is the worst show of the season. I got no enjoyment from the episodes I watched whatsoever! I’m only continuing it just to see how bad this show gets so I can make a full review when this show ends!



The animation isn’t good and feels choppy at times. When you label yourself as an action show, I expect good animation for action scenes, but they don’t look good at all. There’s barely any action and more talking than Dragon Ball Super. The art style is the most generic style I’ve seen of the near 100 anime I’ve seen (this isn’t including shows that I’ve seen footage of, but haven’t actually watched).



The music is annoying to listen to and is also generic. No track stands out, not even the OP. The voice acting is annoying to listen to and I honestly can’t stand half of the voices. They don’t even seem passionate. They sound like they are just reading lines with little emotion put into them.



The story is also as generic as it gets. High school kids using high tech weapons to fight some sort of monster that has no explained origin. The pacing of this show is terrible as I get bored while watching this show and almost fall asleep every time I watch. The dialogue is usually forced, cringy, stating the obvious, or all at the same time.

Questions that arise that won’t be answered include: How do they pay for repairs on the city for such expensive damages? Why did Savages appear? Where do they come from? Why is the government allowing high schoolers to fight instead of having trained adults? Why does this MC have to be so generic in every aspect of his personality (I’ve watched 4 episodes and I STILL don’t know his name! He’s that forgettable!)?



I give this show a 1/10! If I could, I would rate this a 0/10! The only reason this show doesn’t get a 1 or lower is because the animation isn’t flash. Everything else is terrible and if you think this show is anywhere near a 10/10, I feel bad. I can’t change your opinion, but I hope I opened your eyes to the MANY cliches I saw in the first episode alone. Have a nice day/night if you made it this far. I also just didn’t enjoy this anime at all, which is why I have a sarcastic version below. I can usually take a fan-service harem show at face value, but this is just bad…



Special snowflake MC who’s somehow amazing at everything? Check
-He’s also super dense and can’t tell boys and girls apart apparently… EX. Emile
-He also single handed got the highest test score in the history of the school he’s going to despite all of this, which means he’s obviously the most well rounded characters in the history of all anime to exist!

Sister with incestuous undertones? Check
-See when his sister gets mad for arriving late and wants a kiss on the lips as an apology.
-Imoutos for the win!

Tragic Backstory? Check
-Oh no! This poor guy who is ripped and has all the girls fawning over him had something bad happen to him as a child. Too bad it has no effect on his actual personality. It’d be a shame if the writers actually put effort!


Tsundere character? Check

Unbelievable Proportions that break the laws of Physics just by existing? Check

Girl who looks like she’s 8, but is in high school? Check
-Gotta have that loli character even if it doesn’t make sense, biologically speaking

A girl who has cat ears and acts like a cat in some way? Check
BONUS: She’s wearing a maid outfit

Someone calling the MC a pervert? Check

Some stereotypical misunderstanding out of the MC’s hands that results in him getting hurt?
-He doesn’t know his roommate was changing or that he even had a roommate!

Some kind of device for some poorly implemented 3D fantasy weapons? Wow! They have that too! It’s a miracle!

MC fighting the best of the best and coming out on top even though the MC has little to no experience? Woohoo! I thought that they didn’t have enough cliches yet! I’m glad they could somehow add more within the first episode!


Same face syndrome (character lookalikes to different series): Check!
-The MC looks especially generic and so do all the harem members!

Uptight student council president? Check
-If I’ve seen it in To Love Ru, it is cliche because that show uses all the cliches, except it’s decently made

Skintight clothing so that the audience can “appreciate” the character designs? Check
-That nurse with size DDDD bra size seems to have found the perfect size clothing to get looks from every guy in existence
-School president can be easily appreciated with that “battle” outfit!

Info dumping? Check
-The have to explain that tech that could easily be shown off, but what do I know? Info dumping is the way to go to make such perfect masterpieces!

The one thing I can kind of praise this show for is that the show has kissing within the first 3 episodes. We don’t have to wait for the last episode to come and that’s the only positive aspect of this show. Even then, it’s a very shallow plus…



This is the extra checklist if you still have a reason to want to watch this show. Full disclaimer that this counts a spoilers, but this show is so bad that I don’t think it really matters because it’s so bad.

Boob grab? Dam right at the start of episode 2 and mid episode 3!
MC has some super amazing super-duper power that’s basically a deus ex machina? Yep and he, of course, doesn’t know how it works!
-Can’t wait for the MC to get saved by it multiple times!

I can’t believe I didn’t mention this from the get go, but is there a trap? Oh yeah!

Also, I forgot to mention that this has the most original setting because this is a high school setting.
-The MC is a transfer student too so they were obviously trying to make his introduction not seem like an info dump and it totally 100% was, IN FACT, not an info dump by any definition of the word.


The MC using dialogue another character just said to him just so that he can justify an action.
-Totally shows that these characters aren’t wishy washy in their beliefs. It’s not like having to be reminded of your ideologies means you are a bad character….

Unnecessary ENGLISH? Yeah!
-It’s fun to listen to the MOST accurate representation of English in the world! It totally doesn’t get annoying when they shoehorn in pointless English sayings that can be said in Japanese.

Let’s Sum Things Up Now……..

Does getting saved once by the MC instantly makes any respective girl fall in love with the MC? Of course! Valid reasoning for falling in love would be too complicated and subtle!

MC holding up an attack to save someone? Hmm! I didn’t even realize that there were that many cliches possible!

Having a girl be the trigger for the SUPER-DUPER power up? What did you expect? A character to have trained realistically to get stronger? What? Why would you even expect that?

A reveal that’s supposed to be a big deal when revealed? Hey, Emile is actually a girl?!!?! What!?! And she’s also (plot) conveniently the same girl that got hurt as a child in the hands of the MC? What a small world! This obviously means that nothing related to the plot caused this and this is just random luck!

Falling on a girl for more fan-service? You know, at this point, the sheer amount of cliches could be original if this show was actually entertaining…….


Well I guess that’s it.

NOTE : This is only my opinion of the anime.

Thank you for reading……

Comment down bellow on your opinions of the anime….

Peace 🙂




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